Proper Designs Can Boost Your Kitchen’s Efficiency

The kitchen is widely considered one of the most important rooms in a house. Your kitchen is probably the center of your home. It is the room where you prepare meals and gather together as a family to eat. Many families also use their kitchens as a hub for morning activities.

It’s important that you are able to work efficiently and comfortably in your kitchen. If you are a homeowner in Austin, kitchen remodeling may be on your to-do list. Before undertaking a remodel, you should carefully consider the Austin contractor you will use for your project. Choosing the right contractor can make all the difference in the final outcome of your project.

Rearrange pipes to increase efficiency. When completing a kitchen remodel, it may be necessary to rearrange pipes and plumbing elements in order to allow for a well-organized, easy-to-use workspace. Perhaps your sink is currently too far away from your counter to be of much use. Maybe you’d like to include an island with a small sink in the center of your kitchen. You can accomplish these tasks by having your plumbing rearranged. You should also consider having gas pipes moved so that your range is centrally located and contributes to the overall flow of the kitchen space.

Choose spot lighting and natural lighting. If you watch cooking shows, you know that spot lighting can complement any kitchen. Spot lights are particularly useful above counters and sinks, where you do the majority of your cooking prep work. You may wish to add spot lighting about your stove and range to prevent eyestrain while cooking. When possible, you should make sure that plenty of natural light enters your kitchen too. Natural light will both improve your mood and make your kitchen seem larger.

Reconsider recessed fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting can cause eyestrain and will concentrate light in the wrong places. During a remodel, be sure to get rid of recessed fluorescent lighting. If you enjoy the ambient effect that recessed lighting adds to a room, consider using LED lights instead. A greenhouse window that is set back from your sink or a skylight can also add the same ambient feel to your kitchen.

Upgrade your appliances. Your kitchen will receive an instant efficiency boost when you upgrade your appliances. You’ll be able to complete cooking tasks more quickly on a state-of-the-art stove. If you love baking, consider choosing a double-oven set-up with both conventional and convection ovens. Add a stainless steel refrigerator with double doors to maximize food storage capacity. A new dishwasher can lighten the load when it comes to post-meal clean-up, too. Choose appliances in stainless steel or bright colors that match your kitchen decor to tie the room together.

At Crystal Sunrooms & Remodeling, we are proud to handle all of your Austin remodeling needs. We will work with you to understand what you want and need in your kitchen. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, we will be happy to discuss all of these improvements with you.

Sunrooms Add Value to Your Home!

Savvy Austin homeowners know that simple additions, such as sunrooms and patios, can increase the value of their homes. Sunrooms enhance curb appeal and create more square footage. They’re also usually less expensive and less disruptive than some Austin remodeling projects.

Here are 3 great reasons to invest in a sunroom:

1. More square footage
Homes with more square footage generally have a higher market value, making it easier for sellers to increase the list price. Those not interested in selling right away will find that increasing their home’s size will ensure higher returns in the future. A family will typically find a use for additional square footage, but a home that’s not quite large enough can hinder a potential sale. Prospective buyers will always seek out homes with a good per square foot (psf) value.

2. Extra living space
In addition to square footage, a sunroom adds living space that can be used for multiple purposes, such as an extra living room, a place to practice hobbies, an area to entertain guests, or even a playroom for the kids. As an added benefit, extensive windows let the sunlight in while keeping insects, allergens and unsavory weather conditions at bay. A sunroom is multi-functional and less invasive than an entire home addition, for example, which could require structural adjustments and additional costs. Sunrooms provide a practical option for expanding living space and will appeal to potential buyers.

3. Bring the outdoors in
Sunrooms offer an inviting combination of indoor luxury and outdoor surroundings. A sunroom will allow you (and future buyers) to enjoy the summer sun without venturing out into the Texas heat. Large windows will allow you to admire your yard’s trees, flowers and greenery without breaking a sweat. Natural light makes a sunroom the perfect place for potted plants that could potentially wither in the outdoor heat or freeze during the winter. Having the ability to enjoy the outdoor scenery while in the comfort of the home is seen as a definite plus for prospective buyers.

Remodeling in Austin doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. With our wide variety of options for kitchens, bathrooms, sunrooms and patio covers in Austin, Crystal Sunrooms and Remodeling can help homeowners increase their property value quickly and affordably.